5 Secrets to treat acne without any harsh chemicals

June 30th, 2014

Most of the people suffer from acne breakouts every time due to stress and hormonal imbalances. Contrary to the beliefs, acne does not mean that your skin is unclean or bad as mainly over cleansing may cause skin irritation and makes skin uneven. To keep the skin healthy and free from acne, it is essential to follow certain secrets which are chemical free and protects your skin from breakouts and other problems.

If you are excited to follow the secrets, then here are to treat them at home without any visit to a spa or a saloon for guidance.

  1. Oil cleansing at the end of the day

It is important to cleanse the excess oil from your skin as it causes sebum to settle and change into blackheads or whiteheads leading to further pimples. Remove all the traces of oils and makeup if any, with oil cleanser to give soft and smooth feel to your skin.

  1. Cleansing with honey in the morning

It is good to wash face with honey. Initially, damp your fingers and massage about a half teaspoon of honey on your dry face and wash off after 2 minutes. The antibacterial properties in it slow down the acne breakouts. It removes the excess oil, leaving the skin moisturized and considered as the best honey cleansing method.

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar toner

This is the best toner for oily and acne skin and best to use in the morning and evening times. It contains gentle exfoliating acids to reduce acne and maintain the pH balance of the skin. Many consider this secret as the best home remedy which absorbs oil and evens the skin quickly.

  1. Cinnamon, Nutmeg and honey treatment

A paste of all the above mentioned ingredients, Nutmeg, Honey and Cinnamon makes a good paste and proves to be effective to treat acne as a normal routine natural treatment. You just need to make the paste and treat the acne spots for a couple of hours and rinse with cold water to feel the smoothness.

  1. Paste of baking soda

Baking soda paste is a good Exfoliate, which is known to some and followed in a regular way. It is considered as effective to give even skin tone and eliminate blackheads in cheap price.

Why to go for natural acne care remedies?

The homemade acne cure remedies are natural and effective which makes the people go crazy for it. They are completely safe and remove the residues under your skin without any pain or irritation. Normally, it is better to follow acne treatment in three categories which are:

  • Cleansing and exfoliation
  • Maintaining clear skin
  • Following certain medications as per the doctor’s advice.

In addition to all the home remedies and cleanup methods, eight hours sleep is must as it kills two birds with a single stone. If you are not having enough sleep, then there are chances to have skin problem and irritations which are presented in the form of acne or pimples.